English gardens in the Peoples Friendship Park?

You know how sometimes little things catch you eye?

Whilst speed reading my way through the daily mountain of emails and constant twittering, at the bottom of an obscure paragraph relating to some form of musical and light displaying fountain to be created in Kyiv next year, almost as an after-thought, there was mention of the Kyiv authorities giving up plots of land to each foreign embassy within the parameters of The Peoples Park in Kyiv to create a national garden.

It is very rare I am envious of anything that happens in Kyiv. In fact almost everybody I know, Ukrainian or foreign that has to spend any amount of time there does little but complain about the city, which is not the case for those who spend a lot of time in the other cities of Ukraine for the most part.

Anyway, I am envious on this occasion. There are few things I really miss about the UK anymore. The most notable and annually recalled are The Proms, The 6 Nations (rugby) and The Chelsea Flower Show.

Yes Odessa has some beautiful parks, numerous fountains (including one that operates to music with lights - sorry Kyiv, hardly original) and some very large garden centers which could pass as a small corner of the Chelsea Flower Show, but I find the thought of a UK garden next to a Japanese garden, opposite an Indian garden, adjacent to a Moroccan garden quite exotic and strangely exciting.

Of course Odessa could do the same thing with the close to 20 Consulates here, and a quite exotic mix of Consulates there are to, but it would pale into insignificance compared to what could be achieved in The Peoples Friendship Park in Kyiv should every Embassy in the capitol get on board with the idea and create a domestic floral oasis relating to their home nations.

I am more green with envy than green fingered, however what wonderful images this idea creates in the mind.

Certainly not enough to make me want to live in Kyiv, but certainly enough to make me want to visit The Peoples Friendship Park when I am next there if the idea takes root and the gardens are established.

Now, who to drop an encouraging email to within the FCO and commend this idea with suitable small words of encouragement for UK participation? Maybe HRH Prince Charles?