Major local decisions by referendum - How generally un-European - How democratic!

Well what can you say about this? Major local decisions to be made by referendum as a standard practice. How very Swiss! How very encouraging! If it actually happens it is probably the most democratic friendly move when it comes to local governance in the history of Ukraine - ever! Let’s hope it happens and […]

Eurovision racism from the Ukrainian far right

Readers of this blog know that once a year despite my very best efforts not to mention the deliciously awful Eurovision Song Contest, an annual farce that is watched religiously by my good lady despite year after year I predict accurately the votes from each country for another to her absolute amazement and also nominate […]

English gardens in the Peoples Friendship Park?

You know how sometimes little things catch you eye? Whilst speed reading my way through the daily mountain of emails and constant twittering, at the bottom of an obscure paragraph relating to some form of musical and light displaying fountain to be created in Kyiv next year, almost as an after-thought, there was mention of […]

Mortgages to reappear via Ukrainian State owned banks if you are very lucky

The banks owned by the Ukrainian State will collectively begin to start loaning for mortgages in an effort to stimulate the housing market from August according to Serhiy Podrezov, CEO of Oschadbank. The anticipated loan rate will be at 14% which will eventually drop to 12%. Blimey! Still a long way above most of the […]

Temporary Residence Permits/IM1 Visa changes - Interpol

Well, in a statement attributed to PwC by the BBCU who are very careful about to whom they attribute quotes, quite rightly, we have this relating to Temporary Residence Permits/IM1 Visas:   The Ukrainian immigration authorities have implemented compulsory Interpol checks within the procedure of issuing temporary residence permits (TRP). This increases the duration of […]