The French Spring reaches - Odessa

Sacrebleu mon ami!  The French Spring has spread to Odessa!

No, no - the French Spring has nothing to do with the so called Arab Spring despite the French being past masters of revolutions.

Once again Odessa City Administration is taking us on an entertaining, culture expanding, thought provoking journey into the world of international film just as it does each year with the Odessa International Film Festival every summer.

The French Spring film festival includes Cannes prize winners and takes place on 14 -15 April throughout various cinemas in the city.

That is not all.  French fashion in the shape of Helene Sorel gets an outing at the Odessa Philharmonic amongst other Franco events around the city.

The whole event is capped off with a cinema marathon “Long Nights of Short Films” program that presents 26 best short films, prize-winners of numerous international festivals.

Mon dieu - How very bourgeoisie!