European Charter of Local Self-Government and Ukraine

Whilst doing a bit of research, I had occasion to re-read the European Charter of Local Self-Government, to which I should add, Ukraine is a ratified signatory.

In respect of Ukraine, from an empirical perspective, it would certainly seem to be failing - although not a complete failure.

As is quite typical of the current government, a national concept for the structures of the local civil service in local government was thrashed out with the assistance of the Council of Europe almost a year ago and subsequently adopted.  December 2011 to be exact.

Since then, nothing has changed.  The plan exists.  The laws to enforce the changes in the regional territories exist.  Implementation though is seriously lacking - just as with many other new laws that theoretically bring Ukraine in line with EU or PACE norms.

Policy implementation remains the single worst failing of any Ukrainian government since independence.

Very sad.