Diving centre for the disabled - Odessa

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Tempted as I am to speculate on the formation of the new Cabinet of Ministers in the forthcoming new parliament, the current Cabinet resigning en masse yesterday as required by law, thus allowing for a new Cabinet and reshuffle - I won‚Äôt - yet. Instead I will ease my way back into writing here with […]

Odessa to join World Health Organisation Healthy Cities Project


Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot - well actually at 10 am today the opposition parties in Ukraine have called for protests over the elections so maybe we‚Äôll have a Ukrainian 5th of November to remember - or maybe not. Anyway, ¬†way back in April 2012, Odessa came up with a […]

A federal rather than feral Ukraine?

federal ukraine

Over the weekend I have been sent a few questions to contemplate, as is often the case these days. Not unusual, other than these two following questions stand out amongst the much of a muchness from the others. The first which caught my eye was not whether Ukraine would or would not be any more […]

European Charter of Local Self-Government and Ukraine


Whilst doing a bit of research, I had occasion to re-read the European Charter of Local Self-Government, to which I should add, Ukraine is a ratified signatory. In respect of Ukraine, from an empirical perspective, it would certainly seem to be failing - although not a complete failure. As is quite typical of the current […]

Measuring results - Ukrainian civil society, the public and local government

civil society

Amongst the NGOs and civil society I follow most closely are those engaged with attempting to influence local government and local populous. Given the prevailing desire of the majority of the Ukrainian voting public to still seek out the “strong-man leader” for the nation, and in doing so legitimising the “Arbiter/Rental Society” model that is […]

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