Still waiting…….

No, no, no.

Whilst we are still waiting for an eventual final election count for all constituency seats and then a decision by the opposition whether to accept the elections results or not some 8 days after polling day, that is not what I am referring to - though it would make a cynical tweet of mine some days ago, stating the US would have their elections and count the votes before Ukraine, rather appropriate.

What I am referring to is the appraisal of the Ukrainian gas transport system (GTS) by Baker Tilly Ukraine, part of Baker Tilly International,  as was supposed to be done by 1 August 2012.

Having been awarded the contract in March 2012, one wonders just how long it takes to appraise the 72 compressors, 110 plants, 1451 gas distribution stations, 38,000 kilometers of main and branch pipeline and 13 underground storage facilities.

Was such an undertaking contractually agreed in March too ambitious to be completed by 1 August?

We are though now into November, so the question arises, just when will this appraisal be completed?  The results will be of interest to those both within and without Ukraine.