A rare moment - Convictions for Human Trafficking involving Ukraine

Right - Back on my soap box relating to an cause I passionately believe in.

For once a flicker of light in an otherwise very black hole known as human trafficking.

As it is no secret that convictions globally for this abhorrent crime are minimal - despite the sheer scale of the problem in terms of numbers and illicit money - the SBU and foreign partner agencies have managed to get convictions of 4 people for trafficking Ukrainian women for sexual exploitation.

The Ukrainian involved has been jailed for 5 years.

Hurrah and huzzah!

Let us hope that Ukraine remembers its commitments to the UN relating to The Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power.

If Ukraine needs reminding,  the trafficked women should receive:

Victims have a right be treated with compassion and respect.
Victims have a right to information on the proceedings.
Victims have a right to present their views to the judicial authorities.
Victims have a right to legal representation at no cost should they be unable to afford it.
Victims have a right to see their privacy and identity protected.
Victims have a right to protection against retaliation and intimidation.
Victims have a right to be offered the opportunity to participate in mediation.
Victims have a right to receive compensation from the state in cases of violent crime.
Victims have the right to receive social assistance.

Will Ukraine apply those points relevant to these women as it has stated it will on several occasions now the legal system has done its job - or will they be cast adrift to be possibly re-trafficked in the future?


  1. Clanholmes says:

    Someone forgot to pay their bribe?