And now for something completely different - Odessa Draw Art Exhibition

Yes, I know - this entry is a long way away from my usual themes - however, it caught my eye.

Between 23 - 25 August Odessa will be hosting an exhibition of artworks by the world’s best vector artists - OdessaDraw.

Artists from the US, Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, Peru, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and other countries will be taking part in the exhibit, which is taking place in one of the oldest and prestigious museums in Ukraine - The Museum of Eastern and Western art.

The exhibition is being held under the patronage of Corel Corporation and the Wacom company.

This will the first such exhibition in Eastern Europe, and it is expected to become an annual event.

The exhibition will open OdessaCamp 2014 - one of the most prominent international conferences dedicated to IT, communications and new media in Ukraine.

This year OdessaCamp will introduce a separate section of reports and workshops by digital artists of OdessaDraw project.

Now whilst I am used to visiting the Museum of Eastern and Western Art and gazing at the occasional Caravaggio - which is perhaps more in keeping with the old surroundings offered by the museum than a modern day digital art exhibition - I intend to go and have a look.

I’m not sure it will move me to leave Monet and Lautrec behind, but then again, perhaps if they were alive today they would be painting by pixel as well.