Just what qualifies as “temporary” Microsoft? - My email is down

OK - absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine, unless you are in Ukraine and trying to email me, in which case be prepared for some delay.

Yesterday, I turned on my computer to find it did not automatically log into my email, as it has done day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, with Microsoft asking me to sign in once again.

No problem, I attempted to sign in as requested - only to be met with a message from Microsoft stating somebody had tried too many times to log in to my email unsuccessfully - which was obviously not me - and sent me on a little “click and complete” cycle that eventually ended up with a link to reset my password being sent to an alternative email address.

Now I did ponder why, if Microsoft are correct and somebody had tried and failed numerous times to log in to my email account - why change a proven robust password?

Anyway, a link to reset the password was sent to an alternative email address, but when pressed displayed:

“Microsoft account
Sign in
There’s a temporary problem

There’s a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.

OK - fair enough

I try a different route.  One that I must complete information that only I would know relating to recent emails, saved contacts etc and submit it - twice to be told there was insufficient detail and a third time that the issue would be solved within 24 hours (despite providing the same detail as two previous “failed” attempts) - which has not happened.

A polite but terse message sent via the Microsoft customer service website was sent - to which there has been no reply.

48 hours later, I try both routes once again.  The same “temporary problem” message arrives from their link.  This time when following the other route I am now told I have tried too many times and must wait 24 hours before trying again.

As I receive close to 100 emails a day, there will be quite a backlog - if Microsoft ever allow me entry to my email account again.

Thus it will be 72 hours since losing access to my email before I have any possibility of gaining access once more - and that is on the presumption that Microsoft either solve their “temporary problem” - which is beginning to look a little more robust than temporary - or the “click and complete” cycle actually works……somehow.

Anyway, for those who may read this blog and are awaiting email replies from me - they will come eventually - depending upon the extremely lackluster performance of Microsoft that is.

Perhaps I should just ask the NSA - maybe they will be quicker to fix the “temporary problem”?

Tomorrow back to matters Ukrainian.

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