Answering some readers question from the “So now what?” post - Elections and ECfHR

If I needed proof that people (bless you all) actually read what I write occasionally , aside from the website statistics and comments made, questions sent by readers is indeed such proof. Relating to this post written a few days ago, I have been sent several questions, and most aimed at these two paragraphs: “The […]

Extradition, Ukraine and the “Putin 3 Plotters”

After this……. this doesn’t make much sense does it?  Unless he didn’t make appeals to the ECfHR or seek asylum. That’s all!

Osmayev seeks asylum in Ukraine

Quite topically, I mentioned Adam Osmayev in a recent post relating to Russian opposition activists seeking asylum in Ukraine only a week ago. As is quite apparent, if you know anything about Mr Osmayev’s case, he is not really a standard asylum seeker.  After all, not many asylum seekers in Ukraine have actually managed to […]

ECfHR - Lutsenko v Ukraine (Case 6492/11) - The Verdict

You will recall sometime ago I mentioned former Interior Minster Yuri Lusenko, currently in jail,  was due to hear a result from the European Court of Human Rights relating to his claims of political persecution about now. Well indeed, that result has been delivered. Chamber judgment Lutsenko v Ukr Indeed, that is a podcast of […]

Hearing date at ECfHR for Lutsenko v Ukraine (Case 6492/11)

Now there is a strong rumour that the powers that be in Kyiv have stated through diplomatic channels they will abide by any ECfHR rulings in relation to those opposition members incarcerated as I have mentioned before. First up will be the case of Yuri Lutsenko who’s case (Lutsenko v Ukraine 6492/11) goes before the […]

ECfHR Appeal papers - Tymoshenko

I have no intention of labouring this issue. Here are the ECfHR appeal documents lodged at the ECfHR in relation to Ms Tymoshenko.  Her case has apparently been fast-tracked which probably means it will be dealt with before the year is out. Enjoy!