Changing the rules of engagement - Ukraine amends laws on military

Tempted as I am to join the throng raising legitimate concern over the proposed criminalisation of libel in Ukraine - something that should never be a criminal offence, and with quality journalism simply wouldn’t happen anyway, I won’t - yet! Concerned as I am over the new law that entered into force yesterday over the […]

Extradition, Ukraine and the “Putin 3 Plotters”

After this……. this doesn’t make much sense does it?  Unless he didn’t make appeals to the ECfHR or seek asylum. That’s all!

Osmayev seeks asylum in Ukraine

Quite topically, I mentioned Adam Osmayev in a recent post relating to Russian opposition activists seeking asylum in Ukraine only a week ago. As is quite apparent, if you know anything about Mr Osmayev’s case, he is not really a standard asylum seeker.  After all, not many asylum seekers in Ukraine have actually managed to […]

EU Special Representative for Human Rights - Necessary or duplication?

Two days ago saw the EU appoint its first ever dedicated Special Representative  for Human Rights in the person of Stavros Lambrinidis. Undoubtedly he will be working closely with Baroness Ashton and the EEAS (European External Action Service) amongst others within the European Commission.  Needless to say, prima facie it seems a good thing and […]

Ukraine’s position on Syria?

In case you are wondering, and I know some of you were as you emailed me and asked, hence this post, what is the Ukrainian position on Syria? Well, here it is. Not much different to anybody else’s really. One of the advantages of not being in any particular military or political club is that […]

UN murder statistics - Global Survey

In an interesting and rather comprehensive statistical survey of global murder statistics, how does living in Ukraine affect my chances of an early and violent demise? From a quick look it seems you are more likely to be murdered in Eastern Europe than the rest of Europe (North, South or West) but still less likely […]

Progress in Moscow when all eyes are on the UN

Over the last week, my email and twitter have been absolutely carpet bombed by press statements and tweets from various  official press centres and the enlightened in equal measure far in excess of the usual information overload. The reason of course was the gathering at the UN.  Everybody who is a political anybody has to […]

Tymoshenko update (by request not because I want to)

In response to an email from a dear reader who has asked why I have not mentioned to current state of affairs of the Tymoshenko trial, I will give a brief update although I am loathed to do so. Why am I loathed to do so?  Because it is a single case and getting too […]