7500 Extremist websites in Russia? Part of the “War on terrorism”?

Well, carrying on along the theme of political fringes/radical politics which has somehow managed to take over the majority of recent posts (yes dear readers I am aware of it, unfortunately it has just been rather topical lately), it seems that Russia is claiming to have 7500 active extremist websites.  At least that is the […]

Nobel winner warns against using right wing political rhetoric

Fancy a post on something controversial (with a twist of Ukraine) thrown in? It appears that former Norwegian Prime Minister and current Secretary General of the Council of Europe, not to mention Nobel Chairman, Thorbjørn Jagland has gone on record stating that political leaders such as David Cameron, Angel Merkel and Marie le Pen are […]

The opaqueness of transparency. EU and Ukraine

Sometimes life can appear somewhat bizarre. As Ukraine takes slow and stumbling, often misplaced steps towards legal parity with the EU Member States, amongst the myriad of laws that have passed through the RADA and received Presidential signature recently, there have been laws on such matters as data protection and freedom of information. Freedom of […]