Anti-Corruption laws - Ukraine (It’s not the laws but ineffective implementation)

global integrity

One of the (United-ish) opposition platforms for their next term in opposition has been stated as creating more anti-corruption laws as outlined here. As I wrote only a few days ago, Ukraine does not need more anti-corruption laws.  It has plenty. In fact, not only does Ukraine have plenty of anti-corruption laws, the laws it has [...]

Disunited we stand - currently at least!


Uggggghhhhhhhh! In the first real test of cohesiveness after the voting on 28th October, the opposition parties are doing their very best within a week of proving my previous statements about their (in)ability to work together correct - in the fastest time possible. Sometimes I write something in the hope of being proved absolutely and [...]

Kolomoisky elected president of United Jewish Community of Ukraine

Ihor Kolom

A very brief post today as my itinerary prevents having time to write anything lengthy. Coinciding with the first ever occurrence of the far-right, openly anti- Russia, anti-EU, pro NATO and anti-Semitic Svoboda party winning seats in the RADA, the Jews of Ukraine have voted Ihor Kolomoisky as President of the United Jewish Community of [...]

Svoboda and the Communists release their party lists (and I complain about graffiti)

The competing political parties for the October elections in Ukraine continue to release their lists of party candidates.  I have already mentioned those of the United Opposition and Party Regions and now will take a look at the far right Svoboda and the Communists. I will look at Klitschko’s UDAR and Korolevska’s Ukraine Forward in [...]

United Opposition welcome Svoboda to their ranks - Welcome to the far, far right!

Oh dear!  It’s a bit like a car crash in slow motion. You know its coming and you try to prepare yourself for the impact and yet when it comes you are still not ready for it. The United Opposition have welcomed aboard the good ship “anybody except Party of Regions”, the far, far right [...]

Euro 2012 has begun – What of the far-right extremism?

Much has been said internationally of late about the far-right extremism and racism in Poland and Ukraine and the violence surrounding those limited numbers who hold such an ideology and allow it to manifest in physical assaults, affray and violent disorder. Of course such things cannot and should not be ignored, although they are, historically, [...]

Should there be limits on free speech? Odessa’s Art TV


In a democracy or anything claiming to be a democracy, should there be a limit on free speech? In this article, Mykola Tomenko, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, and probably the best leader of Ms Tymoshenko’s party it will unfortunately never have, takes a very robust swipe at Art TV for fueling “ethnic hatred” and [...]

Eurovision racism from the Ukrainian far right

Readers of this blog know that once a year despite my very best efforts not to mention the deliciously awful Eurovision Song Contest, an annual farce that is watched religiously by my good lady despite year after year I predict accurately the votes from each country for another to her absolute amazement and also nominate [...]

Nobel winner warns against using right wing political rhetoric

Fancy a post on something controversial (with a twist of Ukraine) thrown in? It appears that former Norwegian Prime Minister and current Secretary General of the Council of Europe, not to mention Nobel Chairman, Thorbjørn Jagland has gone on record stating that political leaders such as David Cameron, Angel Merkel and Marie le Pen are [...]

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