Disunited we stand - currently at least!

Uggggghhhhhhhh! In the first real test of cohesiveness after the voting on 28th October, the opposition parties are doing their very best within a week of proving my previous statements about their (in)ability to work together correct - in the fastest time possible. Sometimes I write something in the hope of being proved absolutely and […]

An attempt to end vote buying?

Ever since I have been in Ukraine, and undoubtedly before that, the buying of votes in local, regional and national elections has been the norm. The same can be said for “protesters” at political rallies.  A large proportion are paid to be there to swell the numbers for the on-looking media more often than not. […]

“United Opposition” election manifesto launched

Well somewhat surprisingly, the “united opposition” parties of Ukraine (which does not include all opposition parties in Ukraine) has launched its manifesto for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in October. I say surprisingly, as generally there is very little said by political parties in Ukraine about proposed policy as politics normally revolves around personality here. Manifesto/policy […]

Ukrainian opposition rally in Kyiv - A flop

For some months now I have been somewhat encouraged by the Ukrainian opposition political parties when looking at the opinion polls.  Not that they are certain to win the parliamentary elections looking at the polling figures, far from it.  It will be a close run thing as things stand today. What has been encouraging is […]

Something a bit fishy within the (almost) united opposition

There is something a bit fishy going on between Yulia Tymoshenko’s BYuT and Arseniy Yatseniuk’s Front for Change political parties. It is called COD. That would be COD as is Committee to Oppose Dictatorship rather than the fish that swims in the sea. However you will recall this post of mine  from a month ago […]

Political youth wings - Ukraine

Now then dear readers. What do we think about political youth wings to political parties? A good idea? - They are nothing new after all. Are they only a bad idea when the political ideology behind them is somewhat radical/extreme such as the Hitler Youth or the Communist equivalent? Nobody has concerns over the young […]