Securities and derivatives law changes - Ukraine

Whilst all headlines will be on the action of the last RADA session passing the 2013 budget, 234 MPs also supported Law 11285 which relates to securities and derivatives - something that won’t make the headlines. Law 11285 introduces a specific tax on transactions with securities and derivatives, a 0% rate on stock exchange transactions, […]

Reducing bureaucracy - Tax

It has to be said that the new Tax Code brought in under the current government was by and large quite welcome and far simpler than that which previously existed. Many of us who have to deal with tax in Ukraine will have noticed the situation is somewhat easier and far less duplicitous than it […]

Back in Black – (Ukraine’s shadowy economy that is)

Over the years this blog has been running, it has touched upon the size of the “black economy” several times and puzzled over just how large it is. There have been previous guesstimates from various political figures over the year ranging between 60% and 80%. A truly outrageous percentage and one suspected somewhat embellished for […]