Reducing bureaucracy - Tax

It has to be said that the new Tax Code brought in under the current government was by and large quite welcome and far simpler than that which previously existed.

Many of us who have to deal with tax in Ukraine will have noticed the situation is somewhat easier and far less duplicitous than it previously was.

However, the new Tax Code was not perfect - is any tax system?

There remains still, a significant (if reduced) amount of duplicity when compiling tax returns, despite the amount of taxes dropping to 23 - many of which don’t apply to everybody anyway.

Nevertheless, it appears that further changes are to be made to the Tax Code and those 23 formal taxes reduced to a total of 9.  That in turn will no doubt reduce the duplicative bureaucracy required.

All that can be said is “hurrah and huzzah!” - Although no doubt bedlam will rule as it is almost guaranteed that any changes will be ineffectively implemented, thus taking time to trickle down through the system and “interpretations” slowly worked out by tax authorities and accountants alike.

Nevertheless, less categories of tax and less bureaucracy theoretically should translate into less time for me messing about with tax returns.  The trouble is theory and practice are likely to be two very different things. - We will see!