A strategy for defeat - United Opposition

I have had several messages recently asking me why, in my opinion, the United Opposition electioneering strategy is as dire as I have stated it is. Fair point - Despite stating numerous times that it is sadly dismal/dire/ineffective (take your pick I have used all those words and more) I have not really explained in […]

A look back and a look forward - The Yanukovych presidency so far

Today I am not going to write much. I will bring to your attention this Carnegie article published on 2 April 2012, highlighting the highs and lows of reforms to the Ukrainian economy under the current president.  Suffice to say, its author, Nazar Kholod, it not so very wide of the mark and as a general […]

It’s all in the timing – Yanukovych and Tymoshenko – Well comedy always is!

Comedy, they say, is all about timing. So it seems is the farce of Ukrainian politics, although Ukrainian politics can often be used as an example of comedy, albeit it rather dark comedy. As most people know, Ms Tymoshenko was jailed for abuse of office a few months ago, to serve a period of 7 […]

Yanukovych – “Independent judiciary essential”

Sometimes it is necessary not only to put up a link, or to quote sections from it in support. Sometimes it is necessary to put up a link and quote it in full in order to make a point: Independent judiciary major mechanism of observance of human rights and freedoms President Viktor Yanukovych believes that […]

Tymoshenko update (by request not because I want to)

In response to an email from a dear reader who has asked why I have not mentioned to current state of affairs of the Tymoshenko trial, I will give a brief update although I am loathed to do so. Why am I loathed to do so?  Because it is a single case and getting too […]

Special session of the RADA

Well, today a special session of the RADA has been called and the President is to address it. Quite what the substance is for this special session remains to be seen, however the opposition, in the form of the BYuT (Ms Tymoshenko’s faction) have stated they will not be attending.  It remains to be seen […]