Kolomoisky elected president of United Jewish Community of Ukraine

A very brief post today as my itinerary prevents having time to write anything lengthy.

Coinciding with the first ever occurrence of the far-right, openly anti- Russia, anti-EU, pro NATO and anti-Semitic Svoboda party winning seats in the RADA, the Jews of Ukraine have voted Ihor Kolomoisky as President of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine.

He is a very rich and influential chap, co-owner of Privat Bank amongst his numerous interests.

Considering that the “State” has long since got rid of its institutionalised antisemitism, one wonders whether that will remain with so many far right politicians now having seats in the RADA and the immunity that brings.

If there is anybody capable of insuring that such things are not re-institutionalised before they start, (if they start), Kolomoisky has the clout.