Diving centre for the disabled - Odessa

Tempted as I am to speculate on the formation of the new Cabinet of Ministers in the forthcoming new parliament, the current Cabinet resigning en masse yesterday as required by law, thus allowing for a new Cabinet and reshuffle - I won’t - yet.

Instead I will ease my way back into writing here with some local Odessa proposals relating to a diving centre for the more seriously disabled.

As a bit of a swimmer due to there being a private pool in the complex I live in, I think it is a fairly good idea given the physical and health benefits of swimming when it comes to whole body fitness in one simple activity, especially so given water has the ability to both support the body and provide some resistance to burn calories or build both muscle and stamina.

We are not, however, talking about a pool especially designed for the disabled, but a diving centre in the Black Sea at the Sanatorium Russia.  It is supposed to be ready in time for the next tourist season which would seem sensible timing as you’d have to be quite mad to dive the Black Sea in winter to be honest!

dis 1

dis 2

Despite my historical involvement in a disabled charity in Odessa, I do wonder whether this is a priority for the disabled people of Odessa and beyond despite it being a thoroughly good idea.

Disabled toilets, wider doors, working lifts, more disabled transport, wheelchair friendly taxis, ramped access to far more commercial buildings than currently exist etc., would all seem to have as good a claim on the money being spent on this “resort”  - and quite possibly would have a far bigger impact on the lives of the disabled community.

One wonders about priorities somewhat.