Diving centre for the disabled - Odessa

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Tempted as I am to speculate on the formation of the new Cabinet of Ministers in the forthcoming new parliament, the current Cabinet resigning en masse yesterday as required by law, thus allowing for a new Cabinet and reshuffle - I won’t - yet. Instead I will ease my way back into writing here with […]

Odessa to join World Health Organisation Healthy Cities Project


Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot - well actually at 10 am today the opposition parties in Ukraine have called for protests over the elections so maybe we’ll have a Ukrainian 5th of November to remember - or maybe not. Anyway,  way back in April 2012, Odessa came up with a […]

Ukrainian officials should be treated in Ukrainian hospitals - Tomenko

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When one considers the shear scale of reforms and improvements necessary for Ukraine to close the social, legal and democratic gaps with its neighbours, it is quite an awesome task for any leadership.  That said, with regards to democracy, if Ukraine treads water long enough there is a real possibility that its neighbours will regress […]

Ukraine plans for Big Pharma

As all of us who make up the great unwashed hoy polloy are aware, some political statements are easier to believe than others. Those normally easier to believe relate to the ease in which we think any particular policy can be implemented effectively and the results easily quantified in our daily lives. Most of us […]

Ukraine needs 47,000 doctors - A “No sh*t Sherlock!” moment.

Now I am not sure whether Ukrainians should be grateful that the government has bothered to count the amount of vacancies for doctors in Ukraine or not.  It is at least a step in the right direction.  They have identified a problem and they have quantified it. They have had a “No sh*t Sherlock!” moment […]

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