Niko Pirosmani exhibition - Odessa

Odessa has become, at last, distinctly autumnal. +15, cloudy and wet today to be exact. We don’t get that many wet days to be honest, but what is there to do in a seaside city when the heat of summer has gone and weather such as today casts its dreary cloak? Fortunately, the city is […]

…..and all that Jazz!

No long ruminations today. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know why.  I am recovering from sleep deprivation caused by two drunken Ukrainian ladies, one of which was the good lady wife,  pillow fighting and wrestling on my settee until 4am in the morning - as the photographic evidence on Facebook supports. […]

Cultural leadership or masked coercive policy?

I have much discussed the overt and covert roles of NGOs here over the years. Here is the British Council looking for the next generation of “cultural leaders” in Ukraine and offering leadership training, funding to the tune of £3000 for personal development and perusing the written plans of said applicants with “cultural leadership” aspirations. […]

Odessa International Film Festival

The second Odessa International Film Festival is under way and runs from 15th to 23rd July. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it last year. It’s not exactly Cannes but it is, or at least was, a rather enjoyable and different experience last year. So having recommended this event based upon previous experience, not […]