Niko Pirosmani exhibition - Odessa

Odessa has become, at last, distinctly autumnal. +15, cloudy and wet today to be exact. We don’t get that many wet days to be honest, but what is there to do in a seaside city when the heat of summer has gone and weather such as today casts its dreary cloak? Fortunately, the city is […]

Georgia - Free & Fair elections? Ignoring the means and legitimising the ends?

Well the Georgian people have spoken and President Saakashvili’s party are now in the minority. I am neither surprised given the grievous and disgusting material to emerge from a Georgian prison,  nor sorry status quo in Georgia has been broken.  Whilst that may - or may not - prove disastrous for Georgia in the short […]

Statistical recording and national image

Following on rather nicely from yesterday’s post about benchmarks and getting behind the numbers and headlines, here is a very good example of how, depending upon the way it is recorded, a specific incident can have add or detract from a national image simply by the way it is recorded by the “international watchdogs”. For […]

Black lists, civil rights, communists, KBG and the law

To continue on from yesterday’s post about “loyalty” and how difficult it can be when the foundations of your life change due to immigration and expatriation, here is an interesting article about the new laws that have just come into force in Georgia. Georgia has just passed a law that effectively bans former KGB, communist […]