EBRD to take on long term currency risks in Ukraine

Well here is a bit of good news for Ukrainian entrepreneurs, SME’s and big business alike. The EBRD is going to credit Ukrainian banks in foreign currency on the proviso that the Ukrainian banks lend to Ukrainian businesses in local currency.  A case of if you don’t lend the Hyrivnia, we won’t load you up […]

EBRD invests in Ukrainian wind

Although you won’t remember, in March 2011, I told you about Ukraine’s first wind farm.  Yes I know it was a very short post, but as it said, it was a start. Well since then alternative energy has progressed somewhat in Ukraine.  Solar, hydroelectric bio-fuelled  CHPs and wind.  A lot of investment is going into […]

The break up of Naftogaz Ukraine

Well, it was called for by the EBRD, IMF and no doubt numerous diplomats and governments behind the scenes in order to add weight to the IMF and EBRD voices. It seems the behemoth that is the State owned Naftogaz Ukraine is going to be broken up and sold off.  To what degree it will […]

Ukrainian economic growth forecast upgraded by EBRD

Shocking isn’t it?  A headline, not that I care much for headlines (as content is king), showing growth in a European nation that isn’t in Germany or Poland. Not only showing growth but the growth estimates being revised upwards.  Undoubtedly a few envious governments sat on the European continent right now! Those people at the […]

EBRD and EIB make pledges for the GTS

Remember what I wrote yesterday about external factors influencing the current lack of political will to address the utility subsidies in Ukraine? No? - Briefly I said there is a political unwillingness amongst the current government to remove or reduce the current, exceptionally expensive subsidies on  utilities to Ukrainians at present.  A major reason being […]