Stating the obvious - World Bank in Ukraine (but is it The Administration or the administration at fault)

Here is a statement from the out-going World Bank Country Director to Ukraine (Belarus and Moldova), Mr Martin Raiser: “Country Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, Martin Raiser, has said one of the key lessons in partnership between the World Bank and Ukraine over the past four years is the following: Ukraine is seriously suffering […]

Ukrainian Gas Transport System - Trilateral JV

A quick post today as I have one more day dealing with the Odessa buildings inspectorate before the first of many signatures and stamps are collected for the documentation I need. It seems that Russia has changed its position over a strictly bilateral agreement with Ukraine if it was to invest in and upgrade the […]

As the EaP leaders chat about DCFTA’s and AA’s - China invests $10 billion in Ukrainian agriculture

As the EU and EaP nations sit in Warsaw reaffirming commitments and pushing their respective positions collectively and individually, Eximbank of China has stated it will invest $10 billion in Ukrainian agriculture and set up a permanent working group to identify suitable projects in Ukraine. $10 billion is not small money when it comes to […]

Micro-geopolitics in a macro-geopolitical battle - Crimea

The macro-geopolitical battle over Ukraine between the EU and Russia is obvious to anybody.  The AA and DCFTA against the Russian led Customs Union is but one example.  Cooperation with the CSTO verses NATO is yet another.  Ukrainian ability to transport Caspian Sea oil and gas to the EU without Russian involvement is yet another. […]

Enough room on the shelf?

Blimey.  After years of talk over the past seven or eight years, there is now something close to action relating to the Black Sea shelf and hydrocarbons beneath. Apart from the usual rather opaque ownership of some rumoured Ukrainian ownership via BVI companies, there are some serious global players lining up either individually, or in […]

Agricultural land - Preventing DFI or in the best interests of Ukraine?

Well dear readers, Mark Twain once said “Buy land, they’re not making it any more.” If there is one thing Ukraine has, it is a lot of land.  Good agricultural land.  The best black soil on the continent of Europe in fact. Much of it is unused and what is in use is poorly managed, […]