Contract killers and Odessa police response

At the end of June a contract killing occurred somewhere around  Baranitsy, Zakarpattia, the alleged offender being a Russian with links to Moldova who was believed to be hiding out in Odessa. Contract killings here are not exactly unheard of, normally business or politics related (as the two are often inseparable)  but they are also […]

Remember Kalush, that toxic town in Ivano-Frankivsk?

Well dear readers, do you remember me writing about Kalush almost two years ago? It was indeed when I was writing in a somewhat more “folksy” style which reading it now, I am certainly not that good at.  Fortunately I have an audience who seem to be very forgiving and far more interested in content […]

Health and Safety in Ukraine - More mining deaths

In yet another example of poor health and safety in Ukraine, it seems scores of men have died in two separate incidents in Ukrainian mines. Needless to say, all attention will be focused on the issues surrounding mines and mining in Ukraine, and one wonders how the Chinese, who are quite likely to buy several […]