Proving me wrong - Government intervenes in currency

Yesterday I wrote this stating that it was “interesting” Ukraine was attempting to force transparency in the extraction industries - a place from where the oligarchy wealth comes, amongst others. It is interesting because it attempts to force some transparency into what and how much is extracted, and thus will give indications of what is […]

Corruption - The Puppet Masters

Anybody who has put deals together in Ukraine involving commodities either domestically or for import/export will have come across smoke and mirrors, shell companies, umbrella companies, kick-backs, rebates to seemingly uninvolved foreign registered companies, intermediaries and business associates closely connected to decision makers etc. The bigger the numbers involved, the further up the slippery pole […]

Health and Safety in Ukraine - More mining deaths

In yet another example of poor health and safety in Ukraine, it seems scores of men have died in two separate incidents in Ukrainian mines. Needless to say, all attention will be focused on the issues surrounding mines and mining in Ukraine, and one wonders how the Chinese, who are quite likely to buy several […]

Ukrainian/Chinese trade set to exceed expectations

Well as you would expect when the President of China Hu Jintao is in town, trade and investment are high on the list of talks.  Nobody wants to miss out on the ebb of cash China is strategically seeping in various directions around the globe and particularly not Ukraine. That said, China would not overlook […]