Russia upping the anti (anti-Ukraine anyway)


Well what can you say. New Russian president, old Russian tactics. Since Mr Putin has reinstalled himself in the Kremlin, and I have nothing against that per se, he probably was the most popular politician even if it is not necessarily a good thing for Russia, several interesting events have occurred in relation to Ukraine. […]

European Council (of Foreign Ministers) - Ukraine football boycott


As many of you dear readers will know, the EU works on the principle of Dante’s many circles of hell, the workings of which I have outlined for you previously. Yesterday on 14th May, the European Council (which comprises of Ministers from the sovereign nations that make up the EU met under the chairmanship of […]

Ukrainian opposition rally in Kyiv - A flop


For some months now I have been somewhat encouraged by the Ukrainian opposition political parties when looking at the opinion polls.  Not that they are certain to win the parliamentary elections looking at the polling figures, far from it.  It will be a close run thing as things stand today. What has been encouraging is […]

EU/Ukraine relations - Not quite exit stage left

European Commission Headquarters

Well, with all the bluster and brinkmanship that makes the MSM headlines, we could all be forgiven for thinking that there is no constructive dialogue of movement between the EU and Ukraine. Of course, more quietly and without the instantly recognisable names, the show goes on.  The show goes on because the show must go […]

PM Azarov told to stay away from EU meeting

Well, I had a little mental note to look out for some aggressive, robust and chastening press releases following the EU meeting of the European Council (the council of EU Foreign Ministers) that meets on 14/15th May in Brussels as I had heard a whisper from within the bowels of Brussels that Ukraine would be […]

French election results and Ukraine


Well it hasn’t taken the political scientists and think tanks in Kyiv very long to start speculating over what the change of the French presidency will mean with regards to Kyiv and Ukraine. Why would it?  These people are paid to state what they think.  Unfortunately they, like most political commentators, internal or external of […]

Politics and sport - Ukraine UEFA 2012


Now as you know, generally I stay away from the “headlining MSM” media news about Ukraine.  Occasionally I don’t use the news as a springboard at all, particularly when I feel like a meander through policy, effective, ineffective or counterproductive thereof, negotiations and diplomacy, positions, needs and interests, interests verses values and all that terribly […]

Baroness Ashton, Ms Tymoshenko and press releases

Oh dear.  No wonder the European External Action Service (EEAS) is in such a muddle. Baroness Ashton on 26th April, releases this statement which claims she is preoccupied with the affairs in Ukraine over Yulia Tymoshenko, currently on hunger strike.  That is rather sad considering her responsibilities, the absolute mess her department is in and […]

Ukrainian/Russian/Belorussian border demarcation begins

The official land demarcation of the sovereign nations of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus has eventually begun. The first post hammered into the ground at Sinkovsky village in the Ukrainian Oblast of  Chernihiv at the exact spot where Ukraine, Russia and Belarus all meet. And? Well, and having official marked Ukrainian borders with Moldova, and the […]

Political Will (and application) - A matter of trust

It’s not often the opportunity arises to pop your head above the barricades to find both government, opposition and media all talking about the same thing at the same time and all leaving themselves open for a quick volley of fire before ducking back down behind the barricades and allowing them to play their games […]