Stray dogs


Over a year ago, I wrote rather tongue in cheek, about the issue of stray dogs in Ukraine. This subject raised its head again prior to the Euro 2012 football tournament commencing when authorities made attempts to remove the stray dog issue prior to fans and tourists descending in the hundreds of thousands to be […]

Euro 2012 - Human Trafficking

As most of you dear readers will know, when it comes to human rights, my particular area of interest fueled by a serious dislike for the practice, is human trafficking in all its forms.  Be it human trafficking for sexual exploitation, slave labour or simply gross profiteering from illegal immigration with no end exploitation  for […]

Prostitution and Euro2012

Elsewhere in cyberspace, in the Ukrainian and Russian forums to be exact, a debate is running relating to prostitution and the Euro2012 football tournament to be held here in about 3 months time. The debate is along the lines of prostitution remaining illegal and thus those traveling foreign fans, some of whom hail from nations […]

English FA moaning about hotel prices for fans in Ukraine

Well here is an interesting dilemma.  The English FA and UEFA are moaning about hotel prices for English football fans in Kyiv and Donetsk and asking the Government of Ukraine to do something about it. What does it have to do with the Government of Ukraine?  Does it have the ability to tell an international […]

Euro 2012 countdown - Will Ukraine be a success?

Well dear readers in exactly 1 year from today, this will be the eve of the biggest multinational event in Ukraine’s history since independence. The first games will take place on 8th June 2012, albeit Ukraine has an additional day of preparation as the first games here do not take place until 9th June. I […]

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