Odessa City Hall – Still a cesspit

Turning my attention to local politics, way back in May 2010, the UK Ambassador, British Council regional director etc. visited Odessa just prior to the Mayoral elections. Being invited to attend and exchange views with Her Majesty’s representative in Ukraine (and others), I duly did so. Inevitably the subject of the forthcoming Mayoral election arose […]

CIS Free Trade Agreement ratification likely soon

Well with all the noise amongst the chattering classes and political commentators regarding the EU and Ukraine and the stuttering progress towards the DCFTA and AA, very little attention has been given to the signing of the CIS FTA by Ukraine which I mentioned a long time ago (October 2011) in a post relating to […]

UK and the EaP

Well as promised, I have scanned the the hot air produced in Warsaw for anything significant relating to the EU and Ukraine that was not already known and in the public domain and there was nothing new.  No doubt if there was anything new it was said behind closed doors and has remained there. No […]

A new session - new laws

Apologies for my absense. It is fair to say, should you read the previous post you may be somewhat understanding as to the reasons why even if you are not overly sympathetic. I did have a far more thought provoking post for today relating to Ukrainian NGOs (and foreign NGOs in Ukraine) however I had […]

Ukrainian/Chinese trade set to exceed expectations

Well as you would expect when the President of China Hu Jintao is in town, trade and investment are high on the list of talks.  Nobody wants to miss out on the ebb of cash China is strategically seeping in various directions around the globe and particularly not Ukraine. That said, China would not overlook […]