RADA passes criminalisation law regarding promotion of homosexuality

By 289 votes, the RADA passed on its first reading, a bill that criminalises the promotion of homosexuality.  I have written about it before in some detail.  The accompanying note explaining this law when it was submitted was to combat HIV. Complete tosh of course.  As the UN reports document, HIV transmission in Ukraine has […]

Turning around demographics - “Challenging”

“Challenging” - That I suspect would be the diplomatic word used by those nations who are facing a demographic slump, and there are many across the continent of Europe over the rest of this century and beyond. Here is a handy little graph from the Wall Street Journal as lifted from the UN.  Tick box […]

In Supporting Pussy Riot - What The F**k FEMEN?

OK - A Russian court sentenced Pussy Riot to 2 years in jail yesterday for their little stunt in a Russian Orthodox Cathedral.  To the very liberal thinkers, maybe that is absolutely fine.  For the broadminded, maybe somewhat obnoxious but nevertheless freedom of speech and expression is fundamental, albeit somewhat distasteful in the chosen location. […]

Corruption - A good article thereon

OK.  I am tired.  Late to bed Saturday night due to the tradition of being in Orthodox churches at an ungodly hour for Easter, followed by far too much food, far too much wine and far too much family yesterday, again finishing at an ungodly hour. I will leave you with this very insightful article […]

Христос воскрес

Well it;s Easter Sunday here today and family is the priority dear readers. Back to normal tomorrow.  Several subjects to choose between and no decision made as to which I will mutter about yet.  Indecision not normally something I suffer from!

Proposed change in abortion law - Ukraine

One of the most notable achievements of European society (for better or for worse depending upon your point of view) has been the separation of church from State during the evolution of the continent, and the resulting secular State. For most European citizens, the Church is the Church and the State is the State  and […]

Happy Easter

Well, today for some of you readers it is Easter Sunday.  For my local readers, well, we have to wait until next Sunday. Heralding from the UK and living permanently in Ukraine, just like Christmas, I get to have two Easters due to the minor differences in religious calendars.  Not necessarily good for the waistline […]

Russian soft power in Ukraine

Ever wonder why the EU, which possesses nothing but soft power (when it can agree internally to use it), struggles when up against Russian soft power in Ukraine? Well here is one of the most perceptive pieces of writing on the subject I have read in the last decade. My cap is necessarily doffed, and […]