An Oilfield Too Far - Baku or Bust (WW2 Feature)

Azerbaijan is a country that most westerners couldn’t find on a map. Those who can are likely to know it for one thing - Oil. The Capitol City of Azerbaijan is Baku - the birthplace of the modern Oil Industry. Baku was the ultimate objective of the German Army in World War II. Military historians […]

World War II & The Odessa Files… Take Two

To the victors go the spoils, and with it the capacity to embellish upon history. What “history” has handed down to us is not always accurate. A lot of times, too, what we see from history amounts to a loose collection of “static snapshots” which do not begin to paint the whole interactive, interlocking motion […]

WW2, Victory in Europe Day & Odessa

News of the formal surrender of Germany arrived in Moscow in the early morning of May 9, 1945. Thus Victory in Europe Day is celebrated by Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere in the Former Soviet Union today, while everyone in the west celebrates it on May 8. World War II came at the cost of nearly […]