6th EU Human Trafficking Conference

Today is something of a rushed post.  Yesterday was my birthday, a day when I spent much time being kissed by many people I would prefer not to be kissed by, and a day when I was not kissed by many people I would happily be kissed by.  Hmmm! Anyway, as you can imagine, there […]

Migration, Immigration, Asylum, trafficking, readmissions and all those frameworks to deal with unwanted movement of people in and through Ukraine

This post has the potential to be something of a mish-mash.  In fact it could appear to be bolted together with the crudeness of a 1970’s Lada compared to a smooth finish of a modern day Bentley. That is the way of things sometimes. As it happens, it ties together a number of random occurrences […]

New EU Human Trafficking Strategy 2012 - 2016 (& Ukraine)

Here is a fairly long read.  The EU Human Trafficking Strategy 2012 - 2016, as published on 19th June. It is also, to be fair, a very ambitious document and quite right too.  As it is my pet human rights subject that draws my ire, for me the bar cannot be set high enough even if […]

Euro 2012 - Human Trafficking

As most of you dear readers will know, when it comes to human rights, my particular area of interest fueled by a serious dislike for the practice, is human trafficking in all its forms.  Be it human trafficking for sexual exploitation, slave labour or simply gross profiteering from illegal immigration with no end exploitation  for […]

Human Trafficking

Today I was going to write about why reform in Ukraine is so slow and the bottom-up support that is missing.  That will have to wait until I get around to it. Currently I am researching serious and organised crime for a document that will be published elsewhere in cyberspace in the months ahead.  Certainly […]