Off on holiday (of sorts)


Right. ¬†Tomorrow I leave the dysfunctional state of Ukraine and head for (the less than) United Kingdom for 10 days or so. I am tagging on some days holiday prior to, and post, a symposium I am expected to attend in the ever beautiful city of Bath. Therefore I very much doubt I will be […]

Invest in Odessa - new city website

invest in odessa

Well, well, well! No - not three holes in the ground filled with water, but rather a sarcastic acknowledgement that Odessa City Hall has finally got around to creating a new website - Invest in Odessa. I deliberately use the word “finally”, as way back in autumn 2007 when I first met¬†Mikhail Freidlin, he was […]

New Section Coming - Business & Finance - Crowdfunding Reviews & Tips

This new section is devoted to the world of international finance and business opportunities. Sort of a catch all to allow for variety - from the big to the small. This coincides with some of the longer term goals of OdessaTalk with respect to UkrBDG and my own participation in the development of It‚Äôs […]

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