Pre-judging the Ukrainian elections - The Tymoshenko lens

tymoshenko lens

It is no secret to those who read this blog that I have on several occasions during this parliamentary election period, been asked to speak with LTOs (long term observers) from several international monitoring organisations with people in Odessa. Whilst large sections of recent blog posts cover much of what has been said, lack of […]

OSCE Interim Election Report - Ukraine 2012 Elections

On 19th October, Prime Minister Azarov made a statement that OSCE had not recorded any violations of the election process. Really? That very same day, OSCE released its interim election report, which would beg to differ!

Commission for Strengthening Democracy and the Rule of Law - Venice Commission

The Venice Commission, when looking at the proposed new law on the Public Prosecutors Office of Ukraine, has in summary, made it clear that whilst the new law goes a long way to improving matters and generally brings Ukraine into EU norms (with the need for some clarifications in the text - although not that […]

Unraleviling before it’s begun? UDAR shuns United Oppositition again

bad loser

Unraveling before it’s begun? The United Opposition has been trying desperately to get UDAR, as of 18th October polling ahead of them, to sign a coalition agreement of opposition forces prior to the elections.  It has now officially failed to do so. To be fair to UDAR, there really is no rush to sign coalition […]

United Opposition in negotiations with UDAR

none of the above

No, no, no.  UDAR are not about to join the United Opposition.  They are very much enjoying the 3rd choice position and have now overtaken the United Opposition in the opinion polls just as I suggested they would. Simply they have much more to lose rather than to gain by joining the United Opposition, as […]

A strategy for defeat - United Opposition

UP Ukr

I have had several messages recently asking me why, in my opinion, the United Opposition electioneering strategy is as dire as I have stated it is. Fair point - Despite stating numerous times that it is sadly dismal/dire/ineffective (take your pick I have used all those words and more) I have not really explained in […]

RADA passes criminalisation law regarding promotion of homosexuality

By 289 votes, the RADA passed on its first reading, a bill that criminalises the promotion of homosexuality.  I have written about it before in some detail.  The accompanying note explaining this law when it was submitted was to combat HIV. Complete tosh of course.  As the UN reports document, HIV transmission in Ukraine has […]

Georgia - Free & Fair elections? Ignoring the means and legitimising the ends?

flag of georgia

Well the Georgian people have spoken and President Saakashvili’s party are now in the minority. I am neither surprised given the grievous and disgusting material to emerge from a Georgian prison,  nor sorry status quo in Georgia has been broken.  Whilst that may - or may not - prove disastrous for Georgia in the short […]

UDAR Rally - Odessa

A very short post today relating to the UDAR/Klitschko rally in Odessa two days ago. Quite simply a lesson for the United Opposition when it came to engagement with the crowd, which was far bigger than that which the Yatseniuk/United Opposition managed to gather (although how much of that is “hero worship” of a Ukrainian […]

Failing to wait for the fat lady to sing? Ukrainian elections

fat lady sings

There have been some rather presumptuous remarks about the Ukrainian elections by people who should probably know better. Firstly, the ICES observers have already stated that thus far, the Ukrainian election campaigns have been acceptable and generally meet the standards necessary - whilst at the same time stating those in Georgia have already failed to […]