Ukraine makes into Ernst & Young renewables index

Unless you are somebody who really follows energy and in particular renewable energy, you probably are not aware that since 2003 Ernst & Young have been creating a quarterly country attractiveness index for renewable energy investors to contemplate. This month’s quarterly report contains 5 new entrants in the top 40 and Ukraine is one of […]

Ukraine and the CEI Presidency

Well, fresh out of the Presidency of the Council of Europe, Ukraine takes over the Presidency of the CEI in 2012. Yes, I know you have never heard of the CEI. The CEI is the Central European Initiative and its role is rather multifaceted by all directed towards the EU. It is made of of […]

Remember Kalush, that toxic town in Ivano-Frankivsk?

Well dear readers, do you remember me writing about Kalush almost two years ago? It was indeed when I was writing in a somewhat more “folksy” style which reading it now, I am certainly not that good at.  Fortunately I have an audience who seem to be very forgiving and far more interested in content […]

Oil summits and strategies

Whilst the Black Sea Shelf/Sea of Azov exploration plot rush continues apace with the majority of the worlds big oil players and Government of Ukraine, an oil summit takes place in Kyiv involving 300 or so interested individuals/parties.  More than anything else, you would imagine that market development and transparency (at least to the usual […]

Ecology/Environmental planning, registers and protocols

With the almost immediate beginning of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov shelves by the likes of the China Petroleum Company, Shell, Chevron, Eni, Petrobrazilia et al, one has to suspect there will be a State encouraged ISO 14001 styled (if not ISO 14001 itself) environmental policy push amongst the larger industrial companies operating […]

Ensreg Atomic Stress Tests

I am sure the hardcore readers of this blog will remember the entry regarding the Ensreg nuclear stress tests that the EU is applying internally to its atomic civilian power producing facilities. For those of you who have forgotten, to save you searching the archives, it is here. As I stated at the conclusion of […]