European Energy Security and Ukraine

A few days ago I mentioned the EU Supergrid opportunities for Ukraine.  A project that I would hope Ukraine gets involved in as much as possible, not only as a transit route but also as a producer and exporter in its owns right. Anyway, if you click on “Maps” and then on “Map 6” from […]

As the EaP leaders chat about DCFTA’s and AA’s - China invests $10 billion in Ukrainian agriculture

As the EU and EaP nations sit in Warsaw reaffirming commitments and pushing their respective positions collectively and individually, Eximbank of China has stated it will invest $10 billion in Ukrainian agriculture and set up a permanent working group to identify suitable projects in Ukraine. $10 billion is not small money when it comes to […]

Micro-geopolitics in a macro-geopolitical battle - Crimea

The macro-geopolitical battle over Ukraine between the EU and Russia is obvious to anybody.  The AA and DCFTA against the Russian led Customs Union is but one example.  Cooperation with the CSTO verses NATO is yet another.  Ukrainian ability to transport Caspian Sea oil and gas to the EU without Russian involvement is yet another. […]

The death of a State behemoth. A return to Naftogaz Ukraine

I wrote about the break up and partial spin off of Naftogaz Ukraine divisions a few days ago. As I stated at the time, such a break up is being loudly championed by the investment arms of the IMF and EBRD amongst others in a bid not only to reduce the drain on the public […]

Roads to transparency in Ukraine

Sometimes people say something that make you stop and profoundly reexamine what you do, why you do it and what it means. Yesterday was one of those days.  Quite by chance I met somebody via a mutual acquaintance from Dnipropetrovsk who managed to get themselves stuck with almost 20 metric tons of steel billets when […]

EBRD and EIB make pledges for the GTS

Remember what I wrote yesterday about external factors influencing the current lack of political will to address the utility subsidies in Ukraine? No? - Briefly I said there is a political unwillingness amongst the current government to remove or reduce the current, exceptionally expensive subsidies on  utilities to Ukrainians at present.  A major reason being […]

Infrastructure - Getting it right or wrong?

Well, let us imagine you are given a nation with huge infrastructural needs and what there is has been fairly well ignored and allowed to fall into a ruinous state over the past 20 years.  A situation not so different than those faced by international development agencies in many nations hit by catastrophe. Whilst Ukrainian […]

Euro 2012 countdown - Will Ukraine be a success?

Well dear readers in exactly 1 year from today, this will be the eve of the biggest multinational event in Ukraine’s history since independence. The first games will take place on 8th June 2012, albeit Ukraine has an additional day of preparation as the first games here do not take place until 9th June. I […]